Maraenui Community Hui

This workshop took place in The EIT Learning Centre in Maraenui on 23 February 2018.  There were a mix of attendees including Maraenui residents, ward councillors, council staff and representatives of social/health services. The workshop consisted of three interactive sessions accompanied by presentations from the Urban Narrative team to provide context.

The workshop focused on identification of parameters to characterise human values for urban design coupled with methods of measurement and strategies for data storytelling. To aid group discussion a card game was developed comprising 14 cards; each card representing pre-existing urban design values. Blank cards were also provided for participants to add values that were not present.

Participants were then presented with three core questions:

  1. Discuss and choose five values you consider important for Maraenui?
  2. How would you express your group’s top five values in practice?
  3. What technologies could you imagine using to capture your shared values?

The Maraenui Stakeholder Workshop Feedback Report is now available to view here!

Initial Maraenui Meeting

A hui was held at Pukemokimoki Marae in Napier on 29 November 2017. The hui was an opportunity for University of Waikato academic staff working on the Urban Narrative project to meet Maraenui citizens, together with staff from Napier City Council and other relevant Napier organisations. The meeting was an opportunity to outline the aims of the Urban Narrative project and seek initial support for, and community involvement in, the project.