Building Research Capacity in Communities

The Maraenui Stakeholder Workshop Feedback Report is now available!

Since November 2017 Urban Narrative has held two stakeholder consultation meetings comprising a hui and workshop with Maraenui residents and Napier City Council. During this period, an extensive literature review has also been carried out on value based urban design and relevant software applications (APPS) with particular attention given to human computer interface in order to identify best practice to devise novel digital ethnographic tools to capture a communities and an individual’s values and human needs.

The purpose of the Community Workshop Feedback Report is threefold. The report outlines the results of the stakeholder workshop held in Maraenui on 23 February 2018. Furthermore, it summarises important aspects of the literature review in relation value based urban design and relevant digital software. Lastly, a future plan is proposed in terms of the development of digital tools to enable the Maraenui community to articulate shared values and prioritise challenges through their day to-day experiences, as well as consideration given to how data can be used to better inform decision making for future investment of urban infrastructure.